Project Examples

MarkWest Colorado and Pennsylvania Office Projects – 2014
Client: Kestrel Architecture
Location: Denver , Co – Cannondale, PA
Program: Gas control room, and multiple office tenant improvement projects for Energy company including IT facilities and lighting system design.

Visa OCC Office Building Arc Flash & Short Circuit Analysis– 2014
Client: Visa
Location: Highlands Ranch, CO
Program: Complete Arc Flash study, labeling, short circuit analysis and system coordination study for 4 story Visa Administration office facility.

Littleton Schools Chiller Upgrades – 2014
Client: McGrath Inc.
Location: Littleton, CO
Program: Electrical design for Chiller system upgrades for Littleton HS, Arapahoe HS and Goddard MS.

T Mobile LTE System Upgrades – 2014

Client: ARRIS/Comcast/T Mobile
Location: Western Colorado, Southern Colorado
Program: Electrical design for installation of fiber path to T Mobile sites for LTE upgrades.

Visa Office Building 2,3,4 Renovations – 2014
Client: Gensler
Location: Highlands Ranch, CO
Program: Complete renovation of floors 2,3 & 4 in Visa Administration Office building including new LED suspended lighting, new lighting control system, and power for furniture systems, offices and IT facilities.

Visa Highlands Ranch Site LED Lighting Upgrades – 2014
Client: Visa
Location: Highlands Ranch, CO
Program: Replacement of existing site luminaires with LED for energy savings, enhanced site illumination, installation of new decorative LED luminaires and wallpacks, snowmelt system and site power.

Visa Avaya Office Renovations – 2013
Client: Gensler
Location: Highlands Ranch Colorado
Program: Renovation of 4th & 6th floor each 34,000 SF for Visa Office, IDF, conference facilities, new lighting.

Brown’s Compounding – 2013
Client: Kestrel Architecture
Location: Compark Business Park, Douglas County, CO
Program: 50,000 SF buildout for Pharmaceutical manufacturing company including 225 kW solar array, 75 kVA UPS, complete electrical design, new 1200 Amp Switchgear

T Mobile –Colorado LTE Deployments – 2013
Client: Arris/Comcast
Locations: Colorado
Program: Site fiber installations for T Mobile sites throughout Colorado for LTE deployment.Electrical Engineering for fiber path installations.

MarkWest Park Central – 2013
Client: Kestrel Architecture
Location: Park Central, Denver, CO
Program: Tenant improvement for four floors of Park Central building. Complete electrical design.

A T & T LTE Updgrades – Southern Colorado – 2013
Client: Mycom
Location: Pueblo, Colorado
Program: Site LTE upgrades for Tower, Monopole, and Building sites in Southern Colorado.

Integra Telecom UPS & Power Redistribution – 2012
Client: Broadway Station Investors, Integra Telecom
Location: 990 South Broadway, Denver, CO
Program: Construction Management and Engineering Services for Powerware 30 kVA UPS installation and power redistribution project. Project management, electrical construction, equipment procurement, engineering.

Visa OCC-N UPS-A,B,C,D,E Replacements – 2012
Client: Visa
Location: Highlands Ranch, CO
Program: Engineering and factory witness testing for the replacement of five UPS systems with new
Mitsibushi 9900A redundant 225 kVA systems. System engineering, coordination, and equipment testing.

CoBiz Operations & Admin Renovations – 2012
Client: Acquilano Leslie Inc.
Location: Denver – Manville Plaza and 821 17th St.
Program: Engineering services for office renovations for CoBiz.

Coresite/Comfluent Additional Racks Power – 2012
Client: Coresite/Comfluent
Location: 910 15th St., Denver, CO
Program: Power systems modifications, UPS analysis for the addition of power to customer server rack equipment.

Diversified Radiology CRAC Upgrade – 2012
Client: Jordy Construction
Location: Denver West Office Park
Program: MEP services for analysis of replacement of computer room air conditioning equipment for Data Center and electrical system upgrades.

Amgen VFD Engineering Services – 2012
Client: Kenny Electric
Location: Boulder, CO
Program: Engineering services for replacement of process equipment VFDs.

Visa Admin PowerLogic, ATO & VFD – 2012
Client: Visa
Location: Highlands Ranch, CO
Program: Construction management and engineering services for new Schneider Electric PowerLogic monitoring system, ATO system PLC upgrade, and Trane VFD replacements.

Visa Admin Office Renovations – 2012
Client: Gensler
Location: Highlands Ranch, CO
Program: Mail & IT room, Fitness Area, and Conference room renovations including LED lighting and power redistribution.

Visa OCC-S Arc Flash, Short Circuit & Coordination Study - 2011
Location: Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Client: Visa Inc.
Program: Complete arc flash study with PPE categories and equipment boundaries,
per NFPA 70E and IEEE 1584. Short circuit study and circuit breaker coordination study.
Integra Telecom - Generator Replacement, UPS & HVAC Upgrade - 2011
Location: 990 South Broadway, Denver, Colorado
Client: Means Knaus Partners
Program: Replacement of existing generator set with 250 kW unit to power existing
life safety systems and new Powerware UPS system. Addition of Liebert AC units
for server room conditioning. Engineering and Construction Management services.
Visa OCC-N Arc Flash, Short Circuit & Coordination Study - 2011
Location: Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Client: Visa Inc.
Program: Complete arc flash study with PPE categories and equipment boundaries,
per NFPA 70E and IEEE 1584. Short circuit study and circuit breaker coordination study.
Visa OCC Administration ATM Lab Renovation - 2011
Location: Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Client: Visa Inc.
Program: Power upgrades for ATM lab and associated infrastructure.
New suspended direct/indirect luminaires with daylighting and occupancy sensor controls.
TW Telecom Circuit Breaker Coordination Study - 2011
Location: Aurora, Colorado
Client: Kenny Electric
Program: Circuit breaker coordination study for Powerware UPS system and main
distribution in facility.

Amgen Boulder UPS System Replacements and VFD Replacements - 2010
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Client: Kenny Electric
Program: Replacement of 130 kVA Main UPS with new UL924 rated system. Replacement of Data Center
50 kVA UPS with new Powerware 9390 UPS system. Allen Bradley Powerflex 700 replacement VFD's for
chiller plant.

Ericsson Lab HVAC Renovation - 2010
Client: Ericsson Inc.
Location: Boulder, Colorado
Program: New Liebert XD air conditioning system for Telecommunications Testing Laboratory facility.
Electrical switchgear modifications to accomodate XD system. Rooftop condensing units, XD room
unit and distribution.

Visa OCC-S Static Switch PDU Design, 225 kVA UPS Replacements - 2010
Client: Visa Inc.
Location: Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Program: Design for dual redundant 500 kVA static switches with output power distribution modules
for increasing reliability to credit processing servers. 225 kVA UPS replacement design for North Data Center
facility including paralleling cabinet, redundant transformers and modification of distribution equipment.

Amgen Longmont UPS System Replacement - 2010
Client: Kenny Electric Service
Location: Longmont, Colorado
Program: Replacement of 100 kVA UPS with new UL924 rated Liebert UPS system.
Rework power distribution. Extend cell watch battery monitoring system to new UPS battery system.

United Launch Alliance (ULA) Data Center Expansion – 2009
Client: ULA
Location: Centennial, Colorado
Program: Addition of 150 kW Liebert UPS system and two(2) 30 ton Liebert CRAC units with associated transformers, maintenance bypass, underfloor whips, new power distribution from MDC. Conversion of system to N+N A/B UPS with redundant air conditioning.

Visa Inc. South Data Center Redundant Chiller – 2009
Client: McGrath Inc., Visa
Location: Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Program: Addition of fourth centrifugal chiller for redundancy. New dual A/B 1600 Amp, 480V
motor control centers with variable frequency drives (VFD) for chilled water pumps. Modification of existing Square D 5000 Amp draw out switchgear including breaker modfications and additions to accommodate the project. Controls software upgrade to accommodate new redundant chiller and to automate the MCC operation to provide for MCC redundancy.  

Time Warner Cable Data Centers – 2009
Client: Peak West Corporation, Swinerton Builders
Location: Centennial, Colorado
Program: Arc Flash, Coordination Study, Short Circuit Study, Due Diligence
Arc Flash analysis for data center including dual Xcel feeds, dual generator plant, Powerware UPS, transfer switchgear and electrical distribution system.

120th and Grant Power Efficiency – 2009
Client: Morgan Reed
Location: Thornton, Colorado
Program: Review energy saving options and de-commissioning of older UPS systems, and mechanical system control improvements to reduce monthly electric utility charges.

Comfluent Data Center Expansion – 2008
Client: Comfluent
Expansion of Data Center for Colocate facility serving multiple networking clients. Additional UPS system, CRAC equipment, additional generator power.

Visa South Data Center Redundant Chiller System – 2007
Client: Visa USA
Location: Highlands Ranch, Colorado
Program: Electrical switchgear additions to Square PZ4 gear; distribution to new backup air cooled chillers; distribution to pumping system; mechanical system coordination.

United Launch Alliance Headquarters & Data Center – 2007
Client: Burkett Design, Inc.
Location: Centennial, Colorado
Program: Redistribution of UPS power in Data Center for occupany by ULA network and data processing functions. Fire alarm system upgrade. Network distribution to four floor IDF rooms.

Arizona Business Bank Data Center Study – 2007
Client: Arizona Business Bank, CoBiz
Location: Phoenix, Arizona
Program: Study and report for upgrade of Arizona Business Bank Data Center including new rack mounted UPS system; upgrade of computer room air conditioning and power distribution.

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) Data Center & TI – 2006,2007
Client: Burkett Design Inc.
Location: Fort Collins, Colorado
Program: 3500 SF Data Center with 150 Kw per square foot design power load. 800 Kva N+1 redundant UPS system; 1500 Kw engine generator set; 2500 amp switchgear with breaker transfer scheme; computer room monitoring systems. Also 30,000 SF tenant improvement.

Visa NCO Expansion & Renovation – 2005
Client – Visa/Burkett Design
Location: Highlands Ranch, Co.
Program: Expansion and renovation of network operations center for Visa including power and communications modifications to workstations; lighting renovations; fire alarm and UPS system modifications.

Colorado Business Bank (CoBiz) – 2005,2006
Client: Acquilano Leslie Inc.
Location: Denver, Colorado
Program: Primary data center for Colorado Business Bank including dual 75 Kva UPS system;
500 Kw 480V/277, 3 Ph engine generator set; raised floor, pre-action system; full office distribution system.

Nelnet Data Center – 2005
Client: Nelnet, Preferred Resources Inc.
Architect: Burkett Design
Location: Aurora, Colorado
Program: Expansion of Data Center for national student loan processing company. Addition of 160 Kva hot synch redundant UPS system. New network operations center. Electrical power distribution, generator system addition, switchgear modification, redundant power systems applications.

Statline LLC – 2005,2006
Client: Acquilano Leslie Inc.
Location: Plaza Tower One, Greenwood Village, Colorado
Program: Data Center/Server Room for medical organ transplant organization handling transactions throughout North America. New APC 50 Kva UPS, PDU, underfloor power distribution, computer room air conditioning. Also tenant improvement of full third floor TI for office utilization.

Visa OCC-S Data Processing Facility – 2002, 2003
Client: Visa Inc.
Architects: MOA Architects, Burkett Design
Location: Highlands Ranch Business Park, Highlands Ranch, Co.
Program: 70,000 SF Data Center facility for Visa International computer processing operations. Electrical systems include touchscreen controls paralleling generator control system, Square D PZ4 drawout switchgears, dual redundant Xcel service from primary metering cabinet to dual 4000 Kva customer owned padmount transformers including 15 Kv distribution design, four(4) paralleled Cummins 1500 Kw engine generator sets, power distribution units and remote power panels in computer raised floor areas, design to central redundant chilled water plant, lighting, associated electrical site work.

Visa OCC-N Data Processing Facillity and Office Building – 2000,2001
Client: Visa DPS
Architects: MOA Architects,Burkett Design
Location: Highlands Ranch Business Park, Highlands Ranch, Co.
Program: 50,000 SF data center core and shell and tenant improvement including paralleled standby power generation system consisting of four(4) 1500 Kw generator sets; twelve(12) 160 Kva UPS systems; Square D PZ4 paralleling and distribution switchgear; indirect lighting systems; complete power distribution and design. 140,000 SF 4 story office building – complete electrical design.

E College Data Center & Office Facilities – 2004
Client: Acquilano Leslie Inc.
Location: Belleview Corporate Center, Denver, Co.
Program: Approx. 50,000 SF Computer Room and Office Space for internet collegiate processing company. Project includes lighting, power, engine generator and computer room design.

XO Communications MDF and Office – 2003
Client: Acquilano Leslie Inc.
Location: Lone Tree, Colorado
Program: Modifications to XO Communications MDF Facilities and office relocation project.

Inflow Denver 3 & Philadelphia, Pa. Equipment Rooms – 2000,2001,2002
Clients: Burkett Design/Setter Leach & Lindstrom/Inflow
Program: Two(2) 20,000 SF equipment rooms at Denver 3 facility plus 30,000 sf office space and one(1) 20,000 SF equipment room plus associated office space in Philadelphia. Denver project involved installation of two(2) Xcel energy 2500 Kva spot network transformer vaults; two(2) 500 Kva UPS systems; and two(2) 1500 Kw standby power generators. Philadelphia project involved installation of one(1) 2000 MW standby generator on roof of 15 story downtown building; two(2) 500 Kva UPS systems and DC power plants.

Nextel Lone Tree 2 & 3 – 1999,2000
Client: Acquilano Leslie
Location: Park Meadows Corporate Center, Lone Tree, Douglas County, Colorado
Program: Complete buildout of two(2) 75,000 SF three story office facilities for Nextel Communications and XO Communications including MDF and IDF rooms; indirect lighting; standby power generation for both buildings and UPS systems.

Sprint Aurora Main Switch UPS Replacement – 1998, 1999
Client: Sprint Facilities (Reston, Virginia)
Location: Aurora Colorado Main Long Distance Switch
Program: Prime Consultant for replacement of 300 Kva UPS system and new switchgear implementation. Coordination of architectural and mechanical consultants, electrical and mechanical contractors.

Nextel Communications MSO#2 – 1998
Client: Acquilano Leslie Inc.
Location: Regency Plaza One, Denver Tech Center
Program: Complete buildout of Nextel Switch #2 in Regency Office Plaza building in Denver Tech Center. Systems included new 500 Kw engine generator set, new –48V DC power plant, new 5000 SF switch room, fire protection and alarm systems, and ancillary systems.

Sprint PCS Switch Room Addition and HVAC Upgrade & Office Remodel – 1998, 1999, 2000
Client: Carrillo Architectural Group Inc.
Location: Englewood, Colorado
Program: Addition of 3000 SF switch room expansion and additional computer room A/C units and office remodel to existing Sprint PCS Denver switch facility.

Nextel Relocation/Nextel Call Center – 1998
Client: Acquilano Leslie Incorporated
Location: 333 Inverness Drive South, Englewood (Douglas County), Colorado
Program: Approx. 140,000 Call center, Telco/Lan/Computer Room project comprising complete renovation of existing two story facility. Project includes 1500 Kw generator set, 100 Kva UPS system and indirect lighting. Fast track schedule project.

Pacific Bell Mobile Services Cellular Sites – 1998
Clients: PacBell Cellular
Locations: Los Angeles and Orange Counties, California
Program: Electrical design for PCS digital cellular network sites including building rooftop, tower, monopole, and custom installations.

Sprint PCS Cellular Sites - 1996, 1997, 1998
Clients: Sprint PCS
Locations: Austin, San Antonio,Dallas & Houston Texas, Denver & Boulder, Colorado
Program: Electrical design for PCS digital cellular network sites including building rooftop, utility transmission tower, monopole, self-supporting tower and guyed tower installations.


900 & 990 South Broadway Redevelopment - Denver, CO - 2005, 2006,2007,2008
Client: Acquilano Leslie Incorporated
Renovation and electrical infrastructure upgrades for two(2) 160,000 Square Foot 4 story office
buildings, formerly owned by Gates Corp. 2.4 kV distribution, new 1500 kVA unit substation equipment,
new 2500 amp, 480V electrical service equipment. Tenant improvements have included energy efficient
lighting systems, electrified furniture systems and IT facilities.

LaFarge North America - Broomfield, CO - 2007
Client: McDermott Architects
Program: 50,000 tenant improvement of office spaces, and IT facilities for LaFarge administrative offices
in Colorado. New lighting, power distribution, corporate conference rooms.

Double Click/Abacus - Lafayette, CO - 2006
Client: McDermott Architects
Program: 60,000 tenant improvement for internet systems company including lighting redesign, data center
application, electrified furniture systems.

TD Ameritrade - Denver, CO - 2008
Client: Burkett Design Inc.
Program: Office tenant improvement in JM Plaza in Denver including lighting, power distribution
and Data Center modifications for financial services company.


Diversified Radiology - 2010
Client: Acquilano Leslie Inc.
Location: Denver West Office Complex, Lakewood, Colorado
Program: 17,500 SF Tenant Improvement and Data Center for Radiology services provider. Relocation
of UPS and Generator, new lighting, office furniture and network distribution.

NextCare Clinics - Colorado Locations - 2008,2009
Program: Electrical design for local out patient care facilities including X-ray equipment.

HSS - Hospital Shared Services - Denver, CO - 2007
Client: Acquilano Leslie Inc.
Program: First floor 20,000 SF tenant improvement for medical care provider organization including
lighting, lighting control, server and IT facilities, and power distribution design.

Southwest Sports Medicine -Waco, Texas - 2009
Client: Summit MEP
Program: 50,000 SF Sports Medicine facility including X-Ray and Imaging facilities, Gymnasium,
complete power design, lighting and lighting control systems, site lighting.


Cherry Creek Hilton Garden Inn - Glendale, CO - 2008,2009
Program: Complete renovation and new electrical systems for 8 story Hilton project.
New 3000 Amp, 480V electrical service, new Xcel Energy facilities, new 250 kW standby
engine generator set, complete power distribution. Lighting for conferencing facilities,
lighting controls, specialty lighting design, hotel room design.

Vail Resorts Blue Sky Basin Facilities - 1999 thru 2002
Program: Electrical design for restaurant, snowmaking and other power requirements
for expansion of Vail Resort.

Chloe Night Club - Downtown Denver - 2011
Client: Semple Brown Design
Program: Complete electrical design for night club facility including new lighting and power